Privacy Policy

We would like to adapt our page to your needs, so we gather automatic information so that we can see what features help and which features hinder your search for rhymes.

We want you to know what information our site collects and how we use it. We do not trade information collected through the website and we only work with programs of companies who do not give the information we collected to others. (Google Privacy Policy)

By visiting our site you agree that we use your data according to our privacy policy, therefore we would like to tell you in detail how we use your data. Additionally, we would like to inform you about the nature of the content we provide.

1. Contents

Unfortunately, there may be foreign words, typos, curses, scandalous, sexist and even racist expressions in search results. We try to remove all these words automatically but unfortunately we're not perfect. If you find any offending or faulty words, please notify us, so we can remove them.
You can contact us here

2. When do we collect information?

We automatically collect information about what you are searching, how fast the page loads, which features, operating systems, browsers and locations are popular. Additionally, at the time of Facebook login, we may ask for your name and email address.

3. How do we use the information we collect?

  • We use the data we collect to deliver you a better user experience.
  • We use the data we collect to check if something is not working.
  • We use the data we collect to improve the quality of this webpage.

4. Online payment privacy

We are the sole owner of the information collected on our site. We will not disclose your personal information to any other company without your permission.

5. How do we handle your information?

We will not disclose your information for your identification, unless we are required to do so by the authority.

The authority may ask us to share information in order to prevent illegal activity, presumed fraud or a situation that could endanger anyone's physical integrity, or otherwise legally determined.

6. Protection of information

During the development and editing of the website we pay attention to use secure and constantly upgraded systems with secure passwords. We are using programming techniques that minimize the chance that malicious programs would get into our system and steal your data.

Are you using cookies?

Yes. Cookies are the simplest technique to access the collection of statistical information needed to develop this website. (eg. Google Analytics cookies)

7. Unsubscribe

To delete your data, simply clear the cookies in your browser. (We can only access your data that is stored in our cookies if you use this page.)

If you wish your data to be deleted on our servers, please contact us on Facebook and we will manually remove your data. Please note that we cannot delete data in your browser, so first you need to delete your cookies before contacting us.

8. Negotiation

By visiting us, you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy at the time of making this information available.

With this page we hope we created a nice service that helps you igniting your fantasy when creating new works!

Enjoy rhyming!

Anne the Eager