Context for: ve

Words before 've' ( ~ ve):

gonna, i, the, we, you

Words after 've' (ve ~ ):

alright, been, conquered, done, ever, gotten, had, just, learned, led, made, mastered, never, roamed, said, seen, sinned, told

Words near 've':

a, alive, all, and, arts, away, beside, bought, bruised, buried, by, can, children, choose, clue, com, cut, daddy, darkest, day, days, death, deep, down, dreamed, drifting, echo, end, enough, expecting, fading, fall, far, fat, fear, find, flowers, for, foreign, forget, forgotten, from, genocide, her, hurt, in, insane, inside, into, is, jet, know, known, l, lanes, life, light, lights, like, living, long, lost, man, many, me, meaning, million, my, nations, night, now, o, of, on, pal, plains, rise, road, say, says, so, swept, tears, tell, that, thing, things, this, thousand, time, times, to, too, trail, tripping, u, vain, wake, wasting, what, where, years, your

Words in wider context:

adorable, afraid, again, alone, am, another, apologize, are, at, baby, back, be, beautiful, but, call, cause, close, closer, come, control, could, cries, don't, door, everyone, everything, eyes, feel, feels, finest, first, fool, get, girl, give, go, God, guess, hands, has, have, he, head, heart, hell, here, high, ho, home, how, I'm, I've, if, it, its, knew, left, let, little, look, lose, love, loves, m, main, make, matter, mean, milky, more, nightmare, no, one, only, over, pain, part, people, put, re, reaching, ready, right, s, scene, see, self, show, sit, sky, some, sorry, soul, souls, spaceship, speed, stars, stop, sweet, t, take, taking, than, these, through, tired, turn, up, upon, us, waiting, wanna, want, wanted, was, way, well, when, why, will, with, won't, world, you've
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