Context for: star

Words before 'star' ( ~ star):

, all, American, and, angry, another, any, bathroom, be, beautiful, became, big, bigger, biggest, black, Black, blazing, blue, born, bottled, bright, brightest, burned-out, burning, cabaret, cafeteria, card, chair, charismatic, cleanest, closest, coast, coldest, collapsing, compass, compatible, concrete, constant, crook, dark, dead, destinies, diamond, disappearing, distant, dog, drunken, dying, emerald, evening, every, fading, failing, fallen, falling, farthest, favorite, film, first, five, fixed, flaming, floating, football, forged, four, friendly, furthest, giant, glittering, glorious, goddess, gold, golden, great, greatest, guiding, her, hidden, highest, highway, Hollywood, hop, huge, imitated, inherit, island, Jesus, killer, kinda, largest, last, little, lone, loneliest, lonely, lonesome, lucky, magnet, malign, melancholy, melting, midnight, morning, mourning, movie, movies, my, nearest, never-waning, new, no, north, northern, of, one, only, opera, our, own, painted, Patrick, playing, point, poisoned, polar, Pole, prettiest, purple, radiant, radio, rampant, rap, rave, rebel, red, rising, rock, roll, runaway, Russian, sacred, same, screen, searing, second, seventh, shinier, shining, shinning, shiny, shooting, sickly, silver, single, six, soap, solitary, solo, some, sprinkle, super, teenage, that, the, this, tiniest, tiny, toothbrush, ultimate, undying, unreachable, unwavering, video, violent, wandering, western, whatsoever, white, whose, wishing, wondrous, wounded, yellow, yonder, your 

Words after 'star' (star ~ ):

, ablaze, above, across, after, again, aligns, alone, amongst, and, appearing, arise, arose, at, attraction, awake, baby, bedroom, before, beneath, breaks, bright, broad, burned, burning, burns, bursting, bursts, but, by, can, card, cast, charts, chase, chaser, chick, cities, city, collapsing, collector, collide, colored, comes, crescent, crib, cross, crossed, David, daydream, decides, demons, denies, did, disappeared, dishes, dogged, doing, don't, dope, drew, exploding, fades, fall, fallen, falling, falls, fell, fields, filled, flick, food, for, from, gaze, gazing, general, generation, girl, goes, guide, guides, guiding, halo, has, heels, himself, hits, hotel, hotels, if, in, into, is, it, keep, keeps, lair, lairs, leaping, led, lights, like, lily, looking, loses, lover, machine, maker, map, meals, nightly, now, of, on, or, out, over, painted, parade, pent, player, potential, prizes, protege, quality, refuses, reminds, riddled, right, rises, rising, runs, rushes, seed, sells, shades, she, shine, shines, shining, ship, shone, shooting, sign, signs, sink, so, someday, spangled, starts, stole, struck, studded, sunset, sweetly, that, that's, the, then, this, threat, throwing, till, to, tonight, took, trail, treatment, twinkling, undercover, up, upon, view, waits, wars, was, we, west, when, wherever, will, wishing, with, within, would, you, you'll 

Words near 'star':

abortionist, academy, accompanied, adorn, alights, alleviation, allure, Andy, angular, Annie, are, Armani, astronomer, astronomers, balding, bean, Bethlehem, billing, blazer, bloods, bluer, bough, boulevard, bras, brightened, brightly, broken-down, brows, bucks, buttercup, Callisto, Capricorn, catch, caviar, chairing, chases, chatting, chilling, clones, co-star, collaboration, completed, conceptually, confirmed, controller, corroborate, could, crystalline, Daniel, daybreak, declined, defects, deluxe, describing, develop, directing, drilled, Emma, encircling, engulfed, exalt, exotic, expire, extras, far, festival, firmament, fishes, fixated, fulfilling, gene, glancing, gleaming, gleams, glimmering, gonna, graced, grapefruit, grog, gym, handbags, hitching, horizontal, Horus, hub, hubcap, icon, illuminated, implosion, infantry, inpatient, Internet, jock, Johanna, just, know, large, light, lite, literal, locate, locator, Lyra, machinery, make, manor, mason, matte, matte-black, me, Meghan, meteor, Midwest, minaret, ministry, mistrust, Monroe, movie-screen, myriad, natal, night, northwest, one-hit, orbit, Orlando, outlines, pallor, performing, pixie, plucked, projectors, pseudo, pureness, purr, raiser, reach, relying, repairs, riddance, Ringo, roamed, Rudolph, scarce, see, seminar, senior, Seuss, shooters, sidereal, sky, slag, slumbering, spangle, spreads, stardom, stature, suave, suites, sunrises, superhero, syllable, tearful, thanking, thus, tier, tongue-tied, Tonya, trained, transcends, trek-nerds, tripped, tweet, twinkle, unearthly, ushers, Valentino, Vaughan, wanna, watchful, Wayne, weekly, whizzing, wish, wished, wistful, wormwood, wrung 

Words in wider context:

adaptations, all-star, alloys, aperitifs, appeased, aspires, at-point, balladry, bazaars, bigoted, blood-stoned, blundering, bondsman, bone-dry, brisk, butt-kissing, camel-toed, canceling, capitulation, chin-ups, cistern, claret, clatter-machine, clauses, clearances, cocksure, coordination, coroners, covey, creamed, culminate, cum-queen, Dalmatian, Debussy, deformations, dip-dip, diplomas, disciplines, distillery, emblazoned, enchantments, encircle, envies, evaluations, ever-cold, ever-fixed, ex-chicks, ex-ranger, excommunication, extra-large, facials, fifty-thousand, fingertip, florist, forecaster, fruitiest, fundraising, garret, glaucoma, glinted, glittery, Glover, goalposts, gramophone, grandstand, Handel, hawser, head-off, headliners, heart-wrung, heartlands, humanities, hyphen, immensely, impediments, imprints, incendiary, indoctrinate, informant, initiations, irked, knavery, knock-kneed, landmarks, lay-ups, leavings, long-armed, lording, lough, meal-ticket, mid-time, misjudge, missives, mobbed, Morales, motioning, motorman, noel, Orient, paean, palmiest, parlors, pasting, pay-up, pentacles, peripherals, phenom, plagiarism, potluck, pretties, pricing, proceeding, radically, raver, reamed, redraft, regale, revenges, reverently, rework, rowans, runaway-bride, self-rebirth, Shana, sharpshooting, sheers, showgirl, sideburns, slags, slanting, sliders, sonorously, sorrowfully, soviets, splice, steeply, stockholder, strip-club, stuntmen, subsumed, sulks, sun-drenched, sunbathing, superheros, sweepstakes, tale-like, talent-show, tallied, teasers, tiaras, transfigured, tremulously, Tripoli, tron, truancy, unleashes, unquestionable, unrelieved, Valparaiso, vassalage, waived, waking-up, wanderer-like, wind-swept, yellow-bone 

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