Context for: sad

Words before 'sad' ( ~ sad):

a, about, acting, actually, again, all, always, am, and, another, anybody, appear, are, as, awful, awfully, back, bad, be, because, beeing, been, being, bit, bloody, both, brings, bun, but, captives, cold, colder, continent, dad, damn, dark, do, dollar, each, ended, even, every, faces, fallen, feel, feeling, felling, felt, for, from, get, gets, getting, girl, grandma, grew, grow, guess, had, happy, hear, heart, her, here, him, his, how, i, I'm, in, is, isn't, it, its, just, kinda, kinds, know, lament, last, lays, like, little, lived, living, lonely, long, longer, look, looking, lose, lotta, loves, mad, made, make, man, many, me, mommy, more, much, my, never, no, not, nothing, of, old, once, one, or, other, our, own, playing, prematurely, pretty, put, quite, rather, real, really, same, seems, seven, she, silken, simply, sing, singing, single, slightly, slow, so, some, something, sorta, sound, sounding, spit, stay, still, story, such, tears, terribly, than, that, the, their, them, these, they, this, those, though, thousand, thus, to, too, turning, ugly, unbelievably, up, very, walk, was, wasn't, were, what's, when, whisper, why, with, you, your

Words after 'sad' (sad ~ ):

about, above, affair, again, all, alone, and, anymore, art, as, ass, at, barcarolle, beautiful, because, boy, boys, brain, breeze, bunny, but, by, cafe, cafes, call, captains, case, cause, charade, Christmas, clown, clowns, cocoon, condition, day, days, discoveries, do, dog, dreams, earthly, echo, empty, enough, event, every, everything, exchange, excuse, existence, eyes, face, faces, feeling, feelings, for, forests, from, funny, game, girl, girls, gonna, goodbye, goodbyes, guitar, heart, her, here, how, i, I'll, I'm, I've, if, image, in, inside, is, it, lament, last, later, life, like, little, lonely, longer, look, love, lullaby, machines, makes, man, masquerade, melody, memories, mirage, mistake, Monday, movie, movies, music, my, news, night, no, note, now, occasion, of, old, on, one, ones, or, pages, parade, part, parts, pathetic, patients, people, place, prayers, pretender, reality, refrain, regrets, remains, romance, sack, same, savior, scene, sensation, serenade, she, side, sigh, sight, signs, since, situation, smile, so, son, song, songs, sonny, sordid, soul, sound, state, stories, story, surprise, surrender, symphony, that, the, then, there, they, thing, things, thinking, this, though, thoughts, time, times, to, today, tomato, tomorrow, tonight, town, truth, waters, way, we, weary, when, where, while, wings, with, without, word, world, you, zoo

Words near 'sad':

ain't, around, away, baby, blue, can, could, cry, don't, down, end, ever, find, glad, go, gone, good, has, have, he, kind, laugh, left, lost, making, may, miss, must, need, only, out, over, said, say, see, sexy, shot, should, sings, sorry, sweet, tell, think, through, tired, true, us, wanna, want, what, will, won't, would

Words in wider context:

best, better, come, did, give, going, got, hand, hard, head, hold, home, I'd, into, keep, leave, let, live, mind, off, pain, remember, right, take, try, turn, who, wrong, you'll, you've
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