Context for: lover

Words before 'lover' ( ~ lover):

a, almost, always, and, anonymous, another, any, as, backseat, backstreet, bad, be, beautiful, best, better, blooded, broken-hearted, burning, by, cadaver, careful, careless, cause, celebrate, champion, claimed, cold-blooded, comforting, cosmic, covered, crossed, cruel, damn, dancefloor, dead, deceased, decent, demon, desperate, different, disenchanted, disheveled, do, dream, duper, each, eagle, easy, educational, ever, everlong, every, faded, faithful, fall, false-hearted, famous, fantastic, fashioned, faster, fervent, flaming, for, former, fragile, freaky, full-time, future, generous, gentle, go, gone, good, greatest, hearted, her, his, hungry, hurry, hypocritical, i, imaginary, in, international, Italian, jealous, kind, kinda, ladies, lady, last, late-night, latest, lifeless, like, little, live, living, lonely, lonesome, lost, lotta, loutish, lyrical, makes, masquerading, me, metal, midnight, mind, miss, mister, modern, more, Mormon, morning, mother, my, neglectful, never, new, night, no, of, old, older, one, only, or, other, our, outlaw, outside, part, part-time, past, perfect, phantom, potential, real, runaway, sailor, satisfied, school, secret, selfish, sexy, shot, skinny, smoky, some, sorry, special, spirit, star, starless, sub, substitute, summer, super, sweet, sweetest, talkin', temporary, that, the, their, they, time, to, tough, true, twisted, undercover, unknown, unrequited, untamed, warm-blooded, weary, weekend, what, wicked, wonderful, worst, wrong, you, young, your

Words after 'lover' (lover ~ ):

a, aches, after, again, all, almost, alone, always, and, are, as, at, baby, back, be, below, boom, boy, breaks, brings, broke, brother, but, by, calls, came, can, caught, cause, cheated, close, come, comes, could, crash, cries, did, died, divine, does, don't, down, drifted, drunk, dub, ever, everyday, expert, fears, feel, feeling, first, for, forgiven, forsaken, friend, from, gave, goes, gone, had, hangover, has, hasn't, hater, have, heal, held, helpless, her, here, hold, i, I'd, I'll, I'm, I've, if, in, indeed, is, it, just, keeps, kind, know, laying, leaving, left, lie, like, likes, lives, looking, lost, love, loves, loyal, made, make, makes, man, moan, more, my, needs, never, no, not, now, of, on, once, one, only, or, ought, passed, please, ravaged, really, right, said, sail, say, second, see, shake, she, shine, should, since, sings, sleeping, so, sometimes, song, speak, speaks, spurned, stands, started, stay, steps, strange, strong, sublime, surely, takes, than, that, the, three, till, to, today, tonight, too, treat, true, turn, turns, under, unlike, until, used, wake, wanna, was, we, wears, went, when, where, who, whose, will, with, without, won't, wore, worthy, would, wouldn't, yawns, you, you've

Words near 'lover':

about, ain't, am, away, babe, bed, been, call, cover, day, dreaming, eyes, face, fighter, find, fire, forever, found, get, girl, give, gonna, goodbye, got, gotta, he, hear, heart, heel, ho, how, into, let, life, light, line, long, look, lose, loser, might, mine, myself, need, out, play, put, rather, remember, side, soul, stars, still, take, tell, think, this, touch, up, waiting, want, wants, way, were, wish, wounds

Words in wider context:

around, believe, end, even, everything, hand, hide, him, home, inside, keep, kiss, leave, much, nothing, over, own, place, run, someone, them, then, there, thing, things, thought, through, try, us, world
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