Context for: live

Words before 'live' ( ~ live):

a, ain't, all, always, and, animals, anybody, assault, baby, back, be, better, both, branches, but, can, cannot, car, children, choosed, clouds, come, could, couldn't, daily, day, desert, did, didn't, do, doesn't, don't, doth, dreams, either, even, ever, everybody, everyone, exes, family, few, finally, first, for, forever, freely, friends, get, getting, gladly, go, gods, going, gonna, got, gotta, half, haters, have, he, hearts, her, here, him, homie, i, I'd, I'll, I'm, idols, in, is, it, just, kids, let, life, lifeless, long, longer, lord, love, lovers, man, may, maybe, me, memory, men, mi, might, moment, monsters, mother, music, must, my, n, name, nature, never, next, nightmare, nine, nor, not, now, of, old, on, one, ones, only, or, other, others, our, ourselves, out, parrots, people, perform, private, protest, puppets, rather, real, really, rugged, said, say, shadows, shall, she, should, singer, so, someone, sooner, soul, spirits, stay, still, stop, streamed, ta, tears, than, that, the, their, them, then, they, this, thoughts, to, tomorrow, truly, try, ultra, underdevelopment, us, virtues, wanna, want, way, we, well, went, where, who, will, wishes, won't, words, world, would, wouldn't, ya, yet, you, you'd, you'll, your

Words after 'live' (live ~ ):

a, above, according, across, action, again, ain't, alive, all, alone, always, among, amongst, and, another, any, anymore, anywhere, apart, around, as, at, away, baby, beautifully, because, before, behind, beneath, beside, better, between, beyond, big, boy, but, by, cause, close, crazy, dangerously, day, deep, device, different, down, downstairs, each, endlessly, eternal, eternally, even, ever, every, everyday, far, fast, for, forever, forevermore, free, freely, from, girl, giving, goes, good, grenade, half, happily, happy, hard, her, here, high, his, how, i, I'll, if, in, inside, instead, is, it, its, just, large, later, less, life, like, lives, long, longer, love, low, machine, man, mine, more, most, much, my, mysterious, near, next, no, now, oak, of, off, on, once, one, only, or, our, out, outside, past, pop, properly, rejoicing, right, rock, roll, round, show, simple, slow, so, some, somehow, somewhere, such, than, that, the, their, them, then, there, these, they, this, those, through, thru, till, to, today, together, tomorrow, tonight, too, transmission, true, truth, twice, under, undercover, underground, underneath, underwater, unlike, until, up, upon, us, was, we, well, what, when, where, while, wild, will, wire, with, within, without, woman, wondering, ya, yet, you, young, your, yours, yourself

Words near 'live':

about, am, are, breathe, chance, choose, days, dead, die, dream, dying, fear, feel, fight, find, give, had, heart, hope, house, I've, know, last, learn, lie, little, made, make, myself, need, night, nothing, own, peace, place, reason, see, take, tell, things, think, time, used, wants, were, why

Words in wider context:

been, believe, care, change, cry, end, everything, eyes, face, fall, gone, has, hear, hold, home, into, keep, leave, left, light, living, look, lost, mind, new, over, pain, same, sky, something, thing, turn
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