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Context for: fence

Words before 'fence' ( ~ fence):

a, and, back, barbed-wire, big, border, broken, can, chain-link, cyclone, damn, electric, every, fashioned, garden, gonna, his, i, mended, mending, my, no, on, picket, plastic, political, pool, same, shaky, solid, some, sturdy, that, the, their, this, to, white, wide, wire, won't, your

Words after 'fence' (fence ~ ):

about, again, against, all, along, and, are, around, as, at, because, break, but, by, cracks, cut, gossips, her, here, home, house, i, in, into, is, just, like, me, now, of, off, on, or, post, posts, that, the, there, these, to, tonight, until, us, we, when, where, whether, while, with, you

Words near 'fence':

acres, across, ain't, always, among, annoyance, away, baby, backs, balance, barbed, behind, better, black, books, both, brick, build, built, cattle, cents, children, city, climb, could, crows, dark, defense, dirt, don't, down, drive, either, ever, for, free, from, gate, get, got, hands, has, have, herself, hop, hundred, I'll, I'm, if, it, jump, jumped, jumping, keep, leaned, line, little, look, love, make, man, need, not, old, other, our, out, over, paint, past, pens, pick, played, pull, put, ran, ready, road, rope, rose, run, said, sat, saw, see, seem, seems, side, sides, silent, sit, sitting, so, still, straight, stretches, stuck, take, they, think, through, time, two, under, up, view, walk, wall, wanna, want, warriors, was, watching, way, were, who, whole, why, will, work, wrong, yard

Words in wider context:

act, bad, be, been, before, car, come, comes, coming, day, did, do, end, enough, even, eyes, face, fall, far, feel, find, friends, girl, go, going, good, gotta, had, hard, he, head, heart, how, I'd, I've, inside, know, last, leave, let, life, lose, made, makes, mean, mind, mine, more, much, name, never, nothing, one, only, place, real, really, ride, right, say, sense, she, start, stop, tell, than, them, then, thing, thought, too, try, used, what, words, world, would
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