Context for: eyes

Words before 'eyes' ( ~ eyes):

admiring, adoring, adulterate, afflicting, agonizing, almond, angelic, attesting, averted, backroad, beady, beefsteak, billowing, bionic, Black, blighted, bloodshot, blue, blue-green, brown, budding, bulging, camping, cashmere, charcoal, Chinese, christian, codfish, colored, crow-black, cuckold, cucumber, Davis, dazzled, deep-sunken, desirable, devilish, dirt-colored, disarming, disbelieving, distorted, distracting, diverse, divining, downcast, drab, dreamy, drooling, drowsy, dyslexic, ebony, electrifying, electronic, emerald, enchanting, engaging, expressive, fevered, flashbulb, flirty, frosty, gimlet, girlish, glass-green, glassy, glazed, glimmering, glossy, googly, gotcha, half-closed, hate-filled, hazel, her, his, hollowed, humanities, inanimate, incest, insolent, ivied, jet-black, joyless, judging, languid, laser-beam, lecherous, lenient, libertine, lidded, lidless, locking, lopsided, lowered, luscious, malefic, misty, monochrome, mutant, my, mystifying, omniscient, onyx, our, packaged, pain-stained, pearl-black, placid, plucking, Polaroid, poppy, prejudiced, prettiest, prism, prying, puffy, pussycat, raccoon, radiating, rapid, reddened, rhinestone, rimmed, robotic, rose-colored, saddened, saintly, sanguine, saucer, scorpion, scrutinizing, sea-blue, seashell, self-inflicted, shamans, sightless, slanted, sleepy, smeared, smearing, smoke-stung, smoldering, sneaky, softened, sore, spangled, Spanish, squinted, stinging, stonewashed, sultry, sunken, sunken-in, swollen, sympathetic, tear-blinded, tear-dimmed, tear-filled, tearful, teary, the, their, thine, tormented, turquoise, unaided, uncaring, unmerciful, unseeing, up-staring, warehouse, watchful, watery, wearied, welling, wide-open, wildcat, wistful, woebegone, woodland, wrinkled, x-ray, x-raze, yellowy, your 

Words after 'eyes' (eyes ~ ):

, 'cos, ablaze, adjusted, adjusting, adored, afire, again, aglow, alert, alight, analyze, and, anymore, anyway, are, ascend, avert, avoiding, beckons, beheld, behold, betray, betrayed, blazed, blinking, blinks, bloodshot, blurred, blurry, bro, bulge, can, caress, checked, clash, clenched, closed, coax, collide, comparable, complementing, con, confound, consist, console, craved, crusted, darken, deceive, declare, deluded, descend, detesting, dilate, discern, disembodied, disgust, dote, drooping, eclipse, embraced, emotionless, encased, encircled, encouraged, enjoying, enlightened, enslave, exhausted, expand, exploding, faints, fare, filled, fixed, flashed, flatter, focused, for, forevermore, frosty, gaze, gazed, glaze, glazed, gleam, gleamed, glistening, glowed, glowing, glued, gouged, harmonize, have, hazily, heavier, hound, ignoring, imploring, impose, in, inflame, interlock, irresistible, itch, judging, languishing, like, lowered, mate, meet, meeting, moist, mustn't, nocturnal, of, off, on, open, outshine, overdose, overrated, paralyze, peacefully, peek, peeled, peep, pinned, plied, popped, portray, printing, recover, reflect, reflecting, refused, replied, reveal, rewind, saltwater, sapphire, sayings, scanned, scratched, seek, sensitive, sewing, sewn, shimmered, shimmering, shine, shined, shone, shut, skim, slit, so, sparking, sparkle, sparkling, spew, stare, stared, strain, suffused, supreme, teared, that, tightly, to, tonight, trained, tucked, unable, unbelievably, undress, ungoverned, unrest, unsure, unveil, uphold, uplifted, upraised, uttered, vacant, visualize, welled, were, when, wide, wider, will, winking, wisely 

Words near 'eyes':

abyssal, acacias, allowing, amateurs, angular, antler, anvils, assigns, averts, aviators, bans, beamed, bearers, bedizened, befallen, beholder, beryls, Bette, bleary, blindest, bloodthirsty, blueish, blueness, bribing, briers, brownish, catsuit, cavort, Chicano, cholesterol, churls, close, cobbler, commandeer, couching, counterparts, cowered, crinkles, crystallize, cucumbers, dampen, decoys, delighting, demonology, demoralizing, detecting, dirge, double-chin, droops, drys, dulls, elude, eluding, epileptic, erred, faun, feasters, filtering, firecrackers, fish-eyed, fittingly, fixedly, floes, foal, gallantry, garnet, gaunt, glint, gouge, gouging, greenish, growled, gyp, half-damp, harbingers, hard-hats, heart-stopping, heatwaves, heaven-moving, heavy-hooded, heedlessness, high-alive, horrifies, hunger-pang, hypnotist, impertinent, impurest, inaccessible, inadvertent, incinerates, inmates, inquired, java, kaleidoscopes, laminated, laser-beaming, lessens, lip-locked, Lucia, ludicrous, lustful, maturing, media-blitz, memoir, memory-pain, molesters, mouth-marks, narrowed, nasally, nullified, octopus, opals, opened, over-partial, passers, phenomenally, pink-stained, pitying, pluralized, prostrated, pursed, recoils, redness, refocus, removals, requiring, riveted, rood, sapphires, satyr, scum-desire, seaboard, see, shatterproof, slant, slithering, slumbered, smolders, snatch-hand, sockets, spangles, sparkled, specialized, spoiler, squint, star-grazing, sternness, sties, sumptuous, targeted, tars, tenses, totalitarian, tots, tracers, twinkled, unabashedly, uncertainly, uncross, unreasonable, unscrupulous, untrained, vigilance, visualized, vocalize, volleys, Vulcan, warmness, well-planned, well-seeing, whirlpools, whiten, willful, withing, womanish, wool, woolly, wrested, yeast 

Words in wider context:

aggressors, anesthetized, assailant, assailing, assembles, astrakhan, augur, bayberry, Berber, binocular, bit-part, black-soil, bold-faced, briefcases, bulling, bullshits, canisters, cashless, cat-walks, celebs, chamois, cherry-flavored, clapboard, clear-blue, coal-trolley, colonists, colorway, conforms, contestants, coped, craned, cube-link, cutey, death-kiss, defector, Desdemona, dilutes, direst, dope-hair, doublets, dullard, dumbfounding, eggplant, empathizing, energize, engenders, enunciate, equating, esthetic, ex-homey, expends, extraordinarily, eye-smile, foreseeable, frailer, full-frontal, gargoyle, gigabyte, givens, gold-lie, gooses, grafters, gratify, graved, grossed, guesswork, half-surprise, hard-hat, hedging, high-street, house-big, idealists, imaging, incised, inherently, interfered, intolerably, investigating, jalopy, knife-o, laudable, leashed, leisured, life-sentence, lifesize, limbering, lorries, lumping, lunacies, lunges, malachite, mama-addicted, meows, mind-girl, misinform, moguls, monochromatic, monopolized, morticians, motor-replay, mulled, mushing, neck-tied, new-fallen, no-mans, oscillate, outfields, over-prescribed, pageants, palmy, peacekeeping, pepped, peripheral, pillowed, piqued, pities, positives, quadrangle, rain-drenched, ratified, reaming, representation, resolves, rota, sallying, sapphire-tinted, sec-jointed, sex-tank, sheaf, shirtsleeves, sickos, signaled, snaky, snipes, soldered, sponsorship, star-trekking, substandard, Sunkist, switch-hitter, tail-fin, tepid, thank-yous, thirty-deep, times-things, transgressor, tunnel-vision, turnips, udder, unorganized, unseasoned, unzipping, uproarious, verbalize, vert, vindicating, vortexes, wafers, whets, whoosh, wintered, wised, wising, wreckers, you, zombie-strong 

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