Context for: back

Words before 'back' ( ~ back):

a, all, always, am, and, are, baby, be, beat, better, bounce, bouncing, bring, brings, broken, brought, bust, buy, call, calling, came, can, chat, chicken, climb, come, comes, coming, crawl, crawling, day, did, don't, double, drive, em, ever, everything, fall, falling, far, feet, fell, fields, fight, fighting, fire, fly, from, get, getting, girl, give, giving, go, goes, goin', going, gone, got, grow, hair, half, head, heart, heartbeat, held, her, him, his, hold, holding, i, I'm, in, innocence, is, it, its, jump, kick, kisses, knew, laid, lay, leads, lean, life, little, look, looked, looking, looks, love, me, money, move, my, myself, never, not, nothing, now, on, one, our, out, pay, pieces, play, playing, pull, pulled, push, put, quarter, rage, remember, right, road, roll, run, running, sat, seat, send, shorty, sit, sitting, smile, smiling, snap, so, some, something, soul, stand, staring, start, started, stay, step, steps, straight, take, taken, taking, talk, talking, that, the, their, them, then, they, thing, think, thinking, this, throw, time, to, took, top, travel, turn, turned, turning, turns, up, us, walk, walking, want, was, way, we, welcome, went, were, win, won't, ya, you, your, yourself

Words after 'back' (back ~ ):

a, ache, across, after, again, against, alive, all, alley, alone, and, another, any, anymore, anytime, around, as, at, away, babe, baby, beat, because, before, begging, behind, beside, bone, boy, bring, burner, but, by, cause, chat, come, control, deep, do, doing, don't, door, down, drop, east, even, ever, every, everything, fall, for, forever, from, get, girl, go, got, hand, hard, harder, haunted, haunting, her, here, his, hold, home, i, I'll, I'm, if, in, incessantly, inside, instead, into, is, it, its, just, knocking, later, laughing, let, life, light, like, looking, love, memories, more, my, myself, n, next, no, nod, nothing, now, of, off, on, once, one, only, onto, or, our, out, over, pocket, porch, quick, real, relax, right, road, roads, roll, room, round, row, running, seat, seats, she, so, some, someday, somehow, somewhere, soon, spring, stage, stairs, street, streets, strong, stronger, Sunday, tears, that, the, their, them, then, there, these, they, this, those, through, till, time, to, today, together, tomorrow, tonight, too, towards, track, train, try, trying, turned, twice, under, until, up, upon, us, was, way, we, what, what's, when, where, while, will, window, with, without, would, yard, yesterday, you, you'll, your

Words near 'back':

ain't, arms, been, black, could, days, eyes, feel, find, forth, front, gonna, good, gotta, had, have, he, how, I'd, I've, keep, know, left, long, make, man, might, mind, need, night, old, place, said, say, see, still, tell, things, town, wall, wanna, watch, who, why, wish, world

Words in wider context:

about, believe, done, end, face, hands, hear, last, leave, live, lost, made, much, new, own, really, same, should, show, stop, than, thought, used, wrong
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