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Context for: Girl

Words before 'Girl' ( ~ Girl):

American, and, another, any, average, away, baby, back, bad, baddest, beautiful, best, better, big, black, blind, blue-eyed, boy, brave, broken, brown, but, calender, candy, cause, cherry, cinnamon, come, cool, country, cover, crazy, daddy, damn, dangerous, dead, different, dirty, do, down, downtown, dream, dum-dum, every, ex, eyed, eyes, face, fairy, falling, favorite, finest, first, fly, freaky, front, fun, funny, go, gone, good, gossip, gotta, head, heart, here, high, his, hit, home, hot, I'm, ice, innocent, it, jealous, kinda, know, last, life, like, lonely, lost, love, lovely, lucky, material, me, meets, mind, mine, minute, modern, more, much, my, mystery, name, nasty, naughty, need, new, next, nice, night, no, now, nowhere, number, of, official, old, on, one, only, ordinary, other, out, party, perfect, poison, poor, posse, poster, pretty, real, retard, rich, right, run, Russian, sad, said, same, say, school, see, sexy, shy, silicon, silly, simple, single, sleep, smart, so, soldier, some, sorry, southern, special, strange, strawberry, stupid, super, sweet, tallest, techno, that, the, there, thing, this, time, to, tonight, town, tub, ugly, up, uptown, video, want, way, white, wild, with, working, world, worry, wrong, ya, yes, you, young, your

Words after 'Girl' (Girl ~ ):

about, across, again, ain't, all, alone, and, are, around, as, at, away, baby, back, bad, be, became, been, before, behind, believe, bites, blue, but, by, called, came, can, cause, change, child, clap, come, coming, cook, could, crazy, cried, cries, crush, cry, do, does, don't, down, dreams, even, ever, feel, feels, for, forever, freezing, friend, friends, from, get, gets, give, go, gone, got, had, has, have, he, here, home, I'd, I'll, I'm, I've, if, in, inside, is, it, just, keep, knows, last, learned, left, let, like, likes, living, look, looking, looks, loose, lost, love, make, makes, maybe, me, meets, my, named, need, needs, next, no, not, now, of, on, once, one, only, or, out, over, panic, play, please, problems, put, reach, real, really, right, rock, run, said, say, says, she, should, sing, singing, sitting, so, some, steal, syndrome, take, takes, talk, that, thats, the, them, then, there, they, this, to, today, told, tonight, too, trying, turn, turned, u, under, up, vibes, walk, walking, walks, wanna, want, wants, was, we, what, what's, when, whenever, where, who, whose, why, will, with, without, won't, worth, would, wouldn't, you, you'd, you'll, you've, your

Words near 'Girl':

am, call, day, did, find, fire, found, gonna, hard, her, him, hold, how, kind, kiss, knew, leave, long, man, met, money, never, off, seen, shake, show, stay, still, stop, such, tell, than, think, try, type, used, were, wish, woman

Words in wider context:

care, everything, feeling, going, hear, into, live, made, our, something, these, things, true, us
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