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1 syllable

safe, safes, sage, sail, sailed, sails, saint, saints, sake, sale, sales, same, sane, save, saved, saves, SE, seine, seines 

2 syllables

sable, safest, sanest, Satan, Sega, seance, saline, Sabine, say-aye, sadists, sages, sailing, sated, saving, savings, saying, sayings, saber, sabers, Sabre, safer, sailor, sailors, saner, satyr, satyrs, saver, savers, savor, savored, savors, Seder, say-no, say-so, salesman, salesmen, safeguard, safely, safety, saintly, sanely, sailcloth, sainthood, saintlike, sacred, sainted, savior, saviors, sailboat 

3 syllables

salable, sagely, satanist, safeguarding, seances, same-gender, salient, sapience, safety net, satiate, satiates, safekeeping, safety pin, safety-pin, saleswoman, st-stutter, satanic, sail-making, sacredness, sadism, savings bank, sailing-ship, sailing-ships, salesperson, saber-toothed, Sabre-tooth, Sabre-toothed, savory, savoring 

4 syllables

satanism, satiated, satiating, satanical, savings account, savings and loan 

5 syllables

safe-deposit box 

6 syllables

sales representative 

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