Alliterations with: fine 

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1 syllable

fie, fife, fight, fights, file, find, finds, fined, fines, five, fives, phi 

2 syllables

fibrous, ficus, filed, files, final, finals, fineness, finest, phial, phials, phylum, fie-foo, fine-tooth, fine arts, five-star, feisty, finally, finely, five-speed, fine-tuned, finalize, finite, fightback, finance, fight-weight, five-day, fighting, filing, finalist, finding, findings, fine print, fining, five-stringed, fiber, fibers, fighter, fighters, finder, finders, fine-work, finer, fire, fired, fires, fireworks, fiver, Fido, Firestone 

3 syllables

firearms, finalized, fine-feathered, feistier, finances, financing, philander, finding-charm, firing squad, finding-spells, firing line, five-finger, fireman, firemen, fireproof, firearm, firebomb, fire-spell, fiery, finery, fire-breathe, fireball, fireballs, firestorm, firewall, firewood, fire-bright, firefight, fireflies, firefly, firelight, fireside, firetruck, firetrucks, fiberglass, firebrand, firebrands, fire-paved, fireplace, fires-make, fire drill, fire-singed, firing, firework, fireworks, firehouse, fire-glow, fire-hose 

4 syllables

finality, fire alarm, fire engine, fire-eaten, fire-breathing, fire hydrant, fire-fighters, firefighter, firecracker, firecrackers, fire station, fireplaces, fire escape, firepower, fire-loaded 

5 syllables

fiery-looking, fire department, fire-encircled 

6 syllables

fire extinguisher 

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