Rhymes for: someone 

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Rhymes: 28 results

2 syllables

bonbon, godson, lot-none 

3 syllables

one-on-one, phenomenon 

1 syllable

one, wan, won, con, don, done, gone, Hahn, Han, hon, Jan, John, Juan, Kan, Nan, none, on, Ron, San, son, swan, tonne, tron 

Near rhymes (Assonances): 86 results (the final vowels match)

2 syllables

bonbons, heart-bond, someones, bomb-bomb, dot-com, gong-gong, one-arm, pom-poms, pompom, Rom-com, ton-tongue, Dada, gaga, Zara, barnyard, bloodshot, boxcar, boxcars, drop-top, farmyard, foxglove, foxgloves, foxtrot, glove-box, heartthrob, hopscotch, hotbox, hotshot, love-knot, monarch, monarchs, one-shot, pockmarked, somewhat, spot-spot, stockyard, stopwatch, top-top, watch-watch, whatnot 

3 syllables

a la carte, alarm clock, apart from, brr, Osaka, phenomenons, parkinglot 

1 syllable

front, once, want, are, arms, blood, calm, car, come, comes, dark, does, drop, far, from, god, got, hard, heart, hearts, hot, job, lot, love, mom, not, of, part, rock, shot, some, star, stars, start, stop, top, was, watch, what 

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