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Rhymes: 82 results

1 syllable

bold, bowled, cold, doled, fold, gold, hold, holed, mold, poled, rolled, scold, scrolled, sold, strolled, told, tolled, trolled, wold 

2 syllables

cajoled, consoled, controlled, paroled, twofold, red-cold, red-gold, self-told, tenfold, threshold, resold, retold, sheepfold, threefold, all-gold, course-old, foretold, stronghold, foothold, blindfold, bright-gold, ice-cold, right-hold, twice-told, white-bold, white-gold, wind-cold, unfold, unrolled, untold, uphold, scaffold, day-old, age-old, clay-cold, behold, billfold, enfold, enrolled, extolled, grip-hold, pink-gold, withhold, year-old, household, chokehold, snow-cold, stone-cold 

3 syllables

ashen-cold, manifold, marigold, mind-controlled, pigeonholed, self-controlled, seven-fold, stranglehold, thousandfold, uncontrolled, centerfold, ever-cold, oversold, winter-cold, cargo-hold 

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