alternative pronunciations: okay ("ˌoh!kei")

Rhymes for: okay (o!kei)

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Rhymes: 98 results

bouquet, obey, portray, saute, sorbet, manque, parquet, croquet, OK, bouquet, decay, risque, outweigh, unsay, francais, one-way, partway, soiree, crochet, obey, duvet, gourmet, hooray, puree, coupe, souffle, toupee, two-way, affray, array, astray, away, aweigh, beret, cafe, convey, dovey, fillet, hurray, palais, today, ballet, half-pay, halfway, passe, sashay, valet, headway, straightway, repay, three-day, betray, bidet, delay, dismay, display, filet, midway, relay, surveymore...

divorcee, stevedore, fiance, CIA, atelier, attache, cabaret, chardonnay, disarray, disobey, foldaway, heartaway, lingerie, matinee, seven-day, straightaway, take-away, throw-away, yodallay, DNA, usa, negligee, modern-day, underwaymore (near rhymes)...


cray, may, nay, trey, veymore (near rhymes)...

battledore, alright okay, cybercafe, election-day, going away, papier-mache, instant replaymore (near rhymes)...

senorita, signorita

Near rhymes: 167 results

soleil, ballgame, courtain, domain, ordain, proclaim, profane, rogaine, romaine, obeyed, ordained, portrayed, proclaimed, profaned, sauteed, forsake, forsaked, ornate, bouquets, long-range, longways, obeys, offstage, onstage, portrays, shortchange, shortchanged, baldfaced, dog-faced, forsakes, update, cocaine, complain, contain, afraid, ashamed, parade, awake, complaint, amazed, arrange, mistakes, cafe, campaign, champagne, translate, headache, maintain, create, detail, became, explain, insane, remain, delayed, debate, escape, escaped, estate, mistake, behave, engage, engaged, exchange, remains, disgrace, embrace, erase, replace, persuademore...


divorcees, self-proclaimed, preordained, foreordain, football-shaped, subdomain, astro-planes, preordain, window-pane, inhumane, novacaine, superbrain, walkashame, lemonade, marinade, masquerade, promenade, serenade, unafraid, unashamed, unconstrained, unawake, disengaged, hollandaise, rearrange, rearranged, masquerades, palisades, serenades, superbass, recreate, unexplained, unrestrained, reinstate, disengage, misbehave, misbehaved, ascertain, entertain, overcame, entertained, overstayed, underpaid, overtake, overweight, undertake, underage, lovers-placemore...

failed, named, played, prayed, sailed, stayed, trained, drake, brains, chains, changed, days, flames, games, nails, names, plays, rains, raised, sales, saved, stains, stays, tails, tales, veins, waves, ways, breaks, faced, fades, gates, makes, placed, saints, shades, takes, tastes, waits, wakesmore...


alright okay, legerdemain, cybercafe, fire escape, real estate, foreign exchange, Olympic Games, photoengrave, united states

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