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and, band, banned, bland, brand, canned, fanned, gland, hand, land, manned, panned, planned, sand, scanned, spanned, stand, strand, tanned, vannedmore (near rhymes)...

command, newsstand, two-hand, armband, farmhand, farmland, heartland, marshland, deadpanned, death-land, headband, headland, well-planned, dreamland, offhand, shorthand, woodland, nightstand, right-hand, Thailand, suntanned, unmanned, unplanned, backhand, bad-land, bandstand, gangland, grandstand, grassland, handstand, snatch-hand, Graceland, mainland, name-brand, stagehand, waistband, wasteland, demand, disband, expand, inland, kickstand, kill-hand, quicksand, withstand, wristband, firsthand, cowhand, homelandmore (near rhymes)...


contraband, dial-hand, llama-land, reprimand, secondhand, single-hand, sleight of hand, witness stand, baby-grand, Disneyland, dixieland, fairyland, taxi stand, beforehand, one-night stand, no man's land, ampersand, borderland, fatherland, firebrand, hinterland, motherland, overhand, overland, pastureland, rubber band, timberland, underhand, understand, wonderland, ego-landmore (near rhymes)...


citizens band, concession stand, misunderstandmore (near rhymes)...

supply and demandmore (near rhymes)...

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