Rhymes for: biscuit 

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Rhymes: 66 results

2 syllables

cricket, picket, thicket, ticket, trinket, Brigitte, digit, dim-lit, dimwit, fidget, ill-lit, midget, misfit, nitwit, piglet, pinch-hit, rivet, skillet, snippet, spirit, tidbit, triplet, visit 

3 syllables

solicit, ten-digit, e-ticket, meal-ticket, albeit, white-picket, elicit, exhibit, explicit, illicit, implicit, inhibit, tourniquet 

1 syllable

kit, bit, Brit, chit, fit, flit, git, grit, hit, it, knit, lit, mitt, nit, pit, Pitt, quit, sit, skit, slit, spit, split, twit, whit, wit, Witt, writ, zit 

4 syllables

re-solicit, twenty-digit 

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